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We offer only top rated & certified quality service professionals that complete fast dependable installation and repairs for Park Place Lewisville, Texas.

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We Offer Affordable New Garage Doors for Park Place Lewisville, TX


We Are The Leading New Garage Doors Specialists serving Park Place Lewisville, Texas

New Garage Doors for Park Place Lewisville Let Alpha Garage Door Company help you improve the curb appeal, energy efficiency, and security for your home with brand new garage doors! The Alpha Garage Door Company family is proud to sell and service “American Made” New Garage Doors. Our more than 10 years of experience with new garage doors have allowed us to identify the best door manufacturers in the U.S. We are experts in all types of new garage doors and are the #1 provider of garage doors in Park Place Lewisville. The Alpha Garage Door Company has been serving Park Place Lewisville for more than 10 years and we look forward to working with you on your New Garage Doors requirements. Many beautiful homes could benefit from some new garage doors. Proper garage door installation is the one of the most cost-effective and practical ways to increase your home’s value and curb appeal. So, if you have been giving thought to getting some new garage doors for your home why wait? When you’re ready to give your home a makeover, Alpha Garage Door Company has the highest quality garage doors in the Park Place Lewisville area. Call us today at (972) 829–3935 to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

The Best Garage Door Installation Available for Park Place Lewisville, Texas

Quality Garage Door Installation in Park Place Lewisville

Garage Door Installation

Alpha Garage Door Company has been serving the Park Place Lewisville, TX area with quality garage door installation since 2005, and we have hundreds of great customer reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we keep our A+ Accreditation at the Better Business Bureau, and we strive to provide the best garage door installation service in. Call us when you need a new garage door installed or require service on your existing garage door. With over 102,000 satisfied customers, we can tailor our garage door installation services to fit your individual situation and needs.

Alpha Garage Door Company never uses subcontractors. When you call us for a garage door installation, you can rest assured that only highly-trained employees of Alpha Garage Door Company will show up at your home or business. Often you’ll see Terry himself out on service calls or installations.

When you’re ready for a Garage Door Installation, Alpha Garage Door Company has the highest quality garage door installation in the Park Place Lewisville, TX area. Call us today at (972) 829–3935 to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

We Specialize In Garage Door Repair for Park Place Lewisville, TX

Professional Garage Door Repair Serving Park Place Lewisville Since 2005

Garage Door Repair

Schedule Your Garage Door Repair for Park Place Lewisville, TX Online TODAY!

Garage doors are the largest moving object inside your home. If you have a problematic garage door, it compromises the safety of your family and home.

Alpha Garage Door Company is a professional company you can count on. We provide you with quality service at a reasonable price. We offer FREE estimates on garage door repairs and are garage door repair specialists. 24 hours a day 7 days a week we are your number one garage door repair service.

More Reasons To Alpha Garage Door Company for your Garage Door Repair.

Here is a list of the garage door repair services our professional employees provide:

  • Garage Door Installation – This includes the installation of a new garage door. Includes the door itself, the track, cables, springs, hinges, handles, locks and rollers. It is the complete service and installation of a new door. We inspect all the parts, make adjustments to fit your garage opening, and service all elements during the installation process. Plus, we check to ensure all parts are in proper working order after installed.
  • Garage Door Replacement – The same type of repair as above except we include the removal and haul away of the old garage door and replaced parts.
  • Electric Garage Door Openers – Service and repair of the electric garage door opener itself, including the lift mechanism that pulls the door up and guides it down. This is typically not part of the garage door itself and is serviced and repaired on its own interval. Typical service includes inspection, repair, adjustment, and lubrication if needed. Also, we typically inspect the mounting of the unit as well as its attachment to the door itself.
  • Repair All Brands of Existing Openers – We carry a wide variety of parts so we can repair and service all brands of garage door openers.
  • Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement – A torsion spring generates energy by being wound around a shaft rather than stretching to provide lift of the door. This can be a very dangerous repair for an untrained person. We recommend calling one of our technicians to your home to repair or service anything having to do with your springs.
  • Repair Off-Track Garage Doors – Service and repair of rollers that have come out of their guide tracks when the door is at risk of falling or collapsing.
  • Repair Sagging Garage Doors – As doors and homes age, they can shift and move and sometimes this results in a garage door that needs to be realigned or reinforced. We will send a technician to your home to adjust the doors and to inspect the entire opening to make sure the door isn’t damaged. Once we understand the problem, we will fix the needed parts and make any adjustments to the door.
  • Garage Door Panel Replacement – Sometimes a section is damaged but the rest of the door is fine. We can replace just one section rather than the entire door.
  • Garage Door Roller Replacement – The guide wheel sometimes will leave the tracks. These can be replaced when they are old and have worn out or simply upgraded to nylon rollers to run quieter.
  • Sectional Garage Door Replacements – Same as replacing a garage door, but in this case, is particular to sectional garage doors in need of repair or replacement.
  • Garage Door Cable and Broken Spring Replacement – Sometimes packaged together since the cable is used to connect the spring to the door. They are steel and rust or wear out over time so we can replace these as needed.
  • Garage Door Tune-up and Safety Inspections – Comprehensive check where our technicians will evaluate, make minor adjustments, minor repairs and lube the door. This adds to the life of the door if done on an annual basis.
  • Planned Maintenance – Same as above but includes up to 3 doors and openers. This gives you peace of mind that your garage door is functioning properly and ensures you will have annual coverage by our well trained technicians.
  • Wireless Key Pads – Sometimes the battery operated remotes need programming or repair. Our technicians can help you reset these or you can read instructions for keypad programming here on our website.
  • Additional Remotes – If you are in need of additional remotes, our service technicians are happy to help you program to match your current garage door opener.

Further Garage Door Repair Services:

  • We can be there today for your garage door repair needs
  • We will schedule your garage door repair appointment around your availability
  • All of our Service Technicians are licensed, bonded and employees of Alpha Garage Door Company (not subcontractors)
  • You get the assurance of getting your door fixed right, the first time, at a fair price.

Alpha Garage Door Company provides Garage Door Repair and Garage Door Opener service, repair, sales, installation, and free in-home replacement garage door estimates.

We Sell And Install Only Quality Garage Door Openers for Park Place Lewisville

We Offer Garage Door Openers in Park Place Lewisville From A Variety Of Manufacturers

Garage Door Opener

If you are looking for the best garage door openers for Park Place Lewisville, TX then your search ends here. Our garage door openers are the absolute best in the area, and for an affordable price that’s probably a lot cheaper than you’d expect.

A garage door opener is an important component of your entire garage door unit. The opener, which is a mechanized instrument, governs the opening and closing of a garage door therefore doing away with physical contact. In the event that you wish to put in a brand-new garage door opener, repair or change it out or maybe retrofit your current door to allow for its use, you just need to contact Alpha Garage Door Company right now at (972) 829–3935.

Alpha Garage Door Company is an accredited supplier of the best garage door opener manufacturers. We carry an assortment of garage door openers from which you can most definitely locate one that is suitable for your application. We will likely also offer you FREE suggestions on what type of opener to set up based upon the mechanical standards of your garage door system. What’s more, if you don’t find an item you prefer from our selection, we will source it out for you.

When you’re ready to give your home a new garage door opener, Alpha Garage Door Company has the highest quality garage door openers in the Park Place Lewisville area. Call us today at (972) 829–3935 to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

Offering The Best Value Garage Door Springs for Park Place Lewisville

Garage Door Spring Sales, Installation, and Repair Services for Park Place Lewisville, TX

Garage Door Springs

Are You in Need of a Garage Door Spring Repair Or Replacement?

You’re in good hands – Alpha Garage Door Company is your trusted garage door spring repair expert throughout the area. A garage door spring will last an average of 10,000 cycles if maintained regularly. If you use your garage door as an alternative entrance to your house, you can expect to replace this part every 5-7 years. This one little part is exposed to tremendous pressure as it opens and closes the garage door. Unfortunately, this is not a number that most people keep track of. We replace out garage door springs with springs that have an average cycle count of 20,000 cycles and last an average 8-10 years.

This is one of the most delicate repairs for a garage door. If not calibrated correctly, you can risk a costly repair blunder or even injury. Whether you need a spring replacement or conversion, our team is here to educate you about the best options for your garage door.

We Provide Service For…

  • Torsion spring replacement
  • Extension spring replacement
  • Single or multiple car garage doors
  • Standard and non-standard spring conversions
  • Extension to torsion spring conversion
  • Wayne Dalton Tortion Tube Replacement or Conversion

Alpha Garage Door Company has over 16 years of experience in the garage door repair field, working on countless homes and businesses. We put your safety and satisfaction first. Our garage door specialists will take every precaution and use their experience to make sure your door opens smoothly for years to come.

Based out of Grapevine, we serve much of the Park Place Lewisville, Texas area. We’re proud to be the garage door company you can trust for new installations, repairs, and all other services. Also, make sure to ask about specials on spring repair and replacement in your area! When you’re ready for a Garage Door Spring, Alpha Garage Door Company has the highest quality garage door springs in the area. Call us today at (972) 829–3935 to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

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Commercial Garage Doors – Reliable & Fast

Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Door Sales, Service and Installation serving Park Place Lewisville

With over 16 years of experience, Alpha Garage Door Company is here to help your business with commercial garage doors sales and installation. For heavy-duty doors that look good while protecting your property, equipment and assets, simply get in touch. We’ll work directly with you to develop the ideal security solution for any location, environment or application.

Whether you need a commercial overhead door for a storage facility, storefront, warehouse, or auto shop, our high-quality commercial doors will provide years of worry-free operation. All commercial garage door models feature rugged, 26-gauge steel (up to 16-gauge steel) and R-values from 5 to 17.3 for true protection from the elements.

Alpha Garage Door Company offers a wide array of commercial overhead doors services:

  • Dock levelers, bumpers, seals
  • Fire doors and shutters
  • High-speed doors
  • Rolling steel storage doors
  • Industrial rolling steel doors
  • Rolling steel grilles
  • Security gates
  • New motors and repair
  • 24/7 emergency services

When it comes time for installation, you can trust the quality, safety and expertise of our well-trained garage door technicians. Safety is their top priority, and we’re insured for everyone’s protection. The process for all commercial overhead door installation includes a meticulous attention to detail, testing of the opener and door components, and ongoing maintenance. We consider you a customer for life!

When you’re ready for commecial garage doors, Alpha Garage Door Company has the highest quality overhead garage doors in the area. Call us today at (972) 829–3935 to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.


Call us today about your garage door needs and how Alpha Garage Door Company can help you improve the curb appeal, energy efficiency, and security for your home with new garage doors. We are fully bonded and insured and our trained and qualified garage door professionals will make sure garage door installation, garage door repair, or any other garage door service is done right. All of our work is guaranteed and we can provide references from many of your neighbors.


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For over 16 years, we’ve been working hard to earn a reputation for quality and work ethics. Check out a few of our customer testimonials below

“Very professional. No wait on appointment. Kealan was courteous and knowledgeable. A+”

– Ashley De Valdenebro –

“Outstanding Service – called to get our driveway gate and our garage door repaired. Terry had them completely fixed and working perfectly on the spot. We could not be happier with the advice he gave us or the outcome.” – Erin Stewart –

“My experience today with Alpha gate & door company was beyond professional and extremely timely! Dylan is a wealth of knowledge and his expertise is superb! I’m very pleased!”

– Tamecka Frazier –



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